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  • Kukkiwon has the responsibility to establish techniques and spirit of Taekwondo, and build the theoretical framework in order to support this purpose. Following the construction of the Muju Taekwondowon, now more than ever, there is a greater need for research and theoretical development of Taekwondo. At the Research Institute of Taekwondo, we approach and study Taekwondo using various disciplines including humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Through such research as well as academic projects, the Institute hopes not only to achieve the qualitative growth of Taekwondo but also to provide direction for its future. In particular, we are focusing on systematically organizing and theorizing the vast wealth of practical knowledge in the field. By verifying this information in a scientific manner, we are able to standardize the data, which is then relayed back to training in the field. Additionally, we concentrate on enhancing the research capabilities and teaching skills of our next generation in Taekwondo study. We will dedicate ourselves to fulfill our duties as the home of Taekwondo research by communicating constantly with the Taaekwondo practitioners around the world.

    Bong, Yi
    Director of Taekwondo Research Institute of Kukkiwon